WL Concepts

WLC provides the US Government with displays and signage regularly. They design and then seek partners. They reached out to Triad based on the display materials. These units will be sent to various hospitals, offices, etc. to talk about POWs/MIA.

POW/MIA Soldiers Table

Triad has started producing 25 displays, with the possibility of creating more in the future. The exhibit has a deep meaning that is conveyed through symbolically arranged items on a table, along with a poignant description in the back graphic. Every element of this exhibit works together to ensure that these brave soldiers are never forgotten and that the public understands their sacrifice. This display is meant as a solemn reminder of the service members who are still missing, and as a tribute to their lasting legacy.

Materials & Processes: Steel framework with powder-coat finish. Wooden top for the base. LED lighting under the base, in the upright tubing, and behind the signage. Blue lighting symbolizes support for the military.

Commemorative Display
LED Lighting
34" D x 50" W x 89" H
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