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Count on us to make it happen.

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Account + Project Management
Our team is an extension of yours — these folks make sure of that. We work with you to build a dedicated team that understands and supports your goals at every step.
A full program-support team includes: sales representative, designer, project manager, supporting design engineers, account manager, supporting customer service coordinators, shipping specialist, install program manager, and accounts receivables specialist.
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We help translate your vision from 2D dreams into a 3D reality. And make sure your brand magic never gets lost along the way. Our team can support you with research, retail strategy, conceptual design, 3D visualization, space planning, and materials and finishes specifications.

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35 seats of SolidWorks, on-site. As a true US manufacturer, we ensure that our engineer and product development teams are properly staffed to build plans, spec materials, make parts lists and pull samples. They figure out how it all fits together and how to make it and from what. Our engineering muscle makes prototyping fast and manufacturing smooth, reducing your time-to-market.

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600,000 sq. ft. with extensive wood and metal shops, walking distance from our Engineering department in St. Louis. Keeping all of this under one roof smooths development and eliminates the shipping shuffle.

Our manufacturing team is flexible and precise and ready for anything. Onshore and offshore facilities work together as one, letting you lower your costs without compromising quality or time-to-market. You don’t have to choose; you get the best of both.

Warehousing + Logistics

Triad works with you to accurately forecast stock levels and replenishment frequencies—by fixture and finish palette. We maintain the right amount of inventory to support all your projects, in every region. Our centralized warehousing minimizes shipping costs. Keeping everything in one place keeps everything on schedule.

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The final mile. Triad’s installation services team manages all projects in the field with the ultimate goal of 100% client satisfaction.

We support both NAM and APAC regions with thousands of successful deployments for global brands every year, including Foot Locker, Garmin, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, T-Mobile, Verizon.

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Quality guaranteed

Triad offers a one-year warranty on finished pieces. We repair or replace defective products at no additional cost to our clients. Following that, we identify the cause of the issue and do whatever it takes to get it right going forward.

We can afford to offer this comprehensive warranty because our process-oriented quality control keeps defects minimal.

Repair + Maintenance

After the install, Triad’s dedicated R&M team is there to continue to support your brand. Through the scratches and the oopsies and the “I thought it was a seat.” We repair and replace and keep your brand space looking exactly as shiny as it ought to.

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You have the dream, we have the dream-makers.

And the dream-engineers and dream-welders and dream-CNCs and dream-forklifters and so on. Let’s make it real.