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End-to-end Integration.

Global Reach
Our domestic and offshore capabilities mean we can deploy anywhere—quickly and cost-effectively. Triad has 2 million sq. ft. of facilities in the US, and over 4 million square feet of offshore manufacturing space, working with all materials and finishes.
U.S. Production

Project engineering and development is owned and controlled through our headquarters facility in St. Louis. The all-under-one-roof integration makes development and prototyping smooth and precise. The US facility handles manufacturing and warehousing for all North American projects.

Quality Control

Our under-one-roof approach eliminates a lot of ways that things can go wrong. Thorough quality control measures —baked in at every step (Source, Production, and Outgoing Quality Control) — make double sure.

On average, only 4/10ths of a percent (.004) of pieces are claimed under warranty.

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Materials + Finishes

Wood. Metal. Solid Surface. Every kind of fabrication you can imagine and some you can’t. All under one roof — and on the same page.

  • Metal fabrication with sheet metal and tubing divisions
  • Dedicated welding stations with large format capabilities
  • Wood Fabrication / Millwork
  • Solid surface fabrication
  • Plastic fabrication — Injection molding / Vacuum forming
  • 3D Laminates/Thermofoil
  • Powdercoating line
  • Paint—spray booths and flat line finisher
  • State of the art optic lasers
  • 7 CNCs — capable of running 24/7
  • 5-axis CNC router
Offshore Production

Following the plans and prototypes developed in St. Louis, Triad China and our offshore teams are able to reproduce client fixtures at a reduced cost and at higher volume. Our vertical integration spans the globe — including China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. Facilities are in constant communication and our on-site QA teams maintain consistent quality worldwide.

Lighting Integration

Triad is a UL Listed Manufacturing Facility that provides “Plug-n-Play” fixtures worldwide. LED lighting sources that integrate into wall units, ceiling trusses, freestanding displays and ultrathin lightboxes, to name a few. Lighting is a big part of what makes a custom build feel one-of-a-kind. Whether the effect you want is out-of-this-world or down-to-earth, we’ve got you.

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Technology Integration

Digital integration can help bring the in-store brand experience to life. But it’s not one-size-fits-all. Our know-how and alliances with key technology partners give our designers the flexibility to integrate any kind of interactive audio and visual tech you can dream up, and make it work on-location. Our expertise includes digital security features that work behind the scenes to protect your business and merchandise.

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see OUR ST. LOUIS plant

Design, purchasing and manufacturing — every part of the process — reflects our commitment to the planet.

  • Reduction of waste materials through pollution prevention and recycling
  • Implementation and application of LEED standards
  • Preferring wood vendors which are FSC, EPP, and LEED approved or certified
  • Factory improvements to reduce energy costs
  • Minimization of HAPs and VOCs in production

When everyone works together, everything works better.

Our vertically integrated operations give the team direct control over all aspects of production. That may interest you if you prefer quicker turn-arounds, higher-quality results, and lower long-term costs.