Above and beyond is business as usual.

Because everything is in-house, we’re not relying on outside services, we can keep our promises — even the ones that are totally unreasonable.

Talk to the owners.

You’ll find them shrink-wrapping crates and setting up showrooms and cutting laminate and sometimes even making coffee in the breakroom. You’ll find them all over Triad because the company is employee-owned. Our success belongs to each of us.

That shows up in the extra effort we give, the extra mile we go for our partners. We all kind-of act like small business owners, because we all kind-of are.  

North America

  • Centralized North American operations.
  • Over 2 Million Sq. ft. of offices, manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Engineering, Development and Prototyping all in one place.
  • Strategic labs throughout the US to support our clients locally with Prototype Review + Testing, Account + Project Management, Engineering + Design.
  • Vertically integrated facility cuts shipping costs and shortens timelines.
  • Final manufacturing can be handled off-shore at a lower cost, while being distributed and managed from our headquarters.


  • Over 4 Million Sq. ft. of global manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.
  • Suzhou, China facility with bilingual personnel: project managers, engineers and quality control.
  • Onsite quality control during manufacturing and prior to shipping.
  • Close cooperation with our St. Louis facility to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Developing new partnerships that help our customers make the most of emerging markets.
Retail specialists since 1991
For thirty years we’ve been in the business of building consumer spaces. Our clients have grown, and we’ve grown with them. From a 5000 sq ft metal shop to a full-custom builder with over 2 million sq ft. Engineering, storage, shipping; everything you need in one place. With partners and employees from Seattle to Sao Paulo, plus manufacturing and warehousing in China, we’re built to meet the global needs of leading brands.
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count on us to make it happen

We jump through hoops.

That's part of what makes us a good partner. If we say we're going to do it, we do it. The other part is: we're really really good at what we do.