Caleres partners with Triad for stunning NYC store renovation

Caleres recently partnered with JGA and Triad to upgrade their Famous Footwear Flagship store on 34th St in NYC. The renovation involved upgrading the original gondolas with new wood accents, adding custom gondolas to the first and second floors and walls, and installing new illuminated graphics, seating, and marketing displays.

They also replaced the cashwraps with larger units featuring custom solid surface and wood units with aluminum slatwall to improve the shopping experience. They added a site-specific slatwall solution around the cashwrap and lockers for picking up online orders. Round tables were strategically placed around the store to showcase products, and larger illuminated light boxes were custom-manufactured to add color and brightness. To cap it all off, a lit graphic feature display is featured at the top of the 2nd-floor staircase to highlight their latest shoe offerings.


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