In-demand brands and styles at Famous Footwear new store concept

The new concept was designed to enhance the shopping experience and present more in-demand brands and styles.

Triad worked with the design firm JGA and Caleres to engineer, prototype, and manufacture the pilot store—including the wall and floor fixtures with illuminated graphics and marketing displays. The collaborative effort aimed to integrate interactive displays and develop cost-effective solutions.

The store’s new design offers wider aisles for strollers and broad, backless sofas for trying on shoes. A “runway” fixture at the front of the store showcases the newest fashions. The store offers home delivery, enabling customers to order in-store for residential shipping. Also, lockers are available next to the cash wrap counter for collecting online orders.

Caleres plans to roll out these retail design and merchandising directives to other stores in 2022 and 2023.


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