T-Mobile featured in June 2022 of Supply Chain Digital

T-Mobile has been featured in the June 2022 issue of Supply Chain Digital.

In this exclusive interview, Chad Wilkerson, Director of Sustainability & Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile, discussed how the company embraces sustainability the Un-carrier way.

"We wanted to source our electricity from 100% renewable sources and put a stake in the ground to do just that.”

“I think a lot of our success really is in working with the right partners – meaning companies that are aligned with our same values."

Since 2011, Triad has been a selected partner, assisting T-Mobile in specifying sustainable materials and construction methodologies that promote sustainable practices.

Also, Triad participates in the T-Mobile annual CDP Climate Change Survey that allows T-Mobile to evaluate suppliers that offer them insights. Through an extensive report, T-Mobile determines areas to focus on for each supplier and it becomes a long-term partnership with them.

T-Mobile procurement and sustainability team meets with each supplier directly to discuss the goals, best practices, and experiences in setting science-based targets.

It's an ongoing collaborative effort that allows T-Mobile to see their suppliers progress each year.

Download the Digital Report here.

Supply Chain Digital report image about T-Mobile

You can read the report in the latest issue of Supply Chain Digital by clicking HERE.

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