We act like business owners, because we all are.

“We don’t make decisions based on direction from a boardroom full of shareholders, which usually only takes one thing into account-profitability. All employee-owners are empowered to make decisions that will benefit the long-term sustainability of our business. It’s truly a win-win; our customers are guaranteed to get best-in-industry service, and in turn, our employees are rewarded with a growing ownership stake in our company each year."

Darren Marty, Senior VP of Sales

Triad was founded in 1991 by three entrepreneurs in St. Louis, MO, guided by the motto, “Count on us to make it happen!” The company grew and moved throughout the St. Louis area until finally purchasing the current headquarters in 2008. Triad is now listed as one of the Top 25 most successful privately owned retail fixture manufacturing businesses in the USA.

Over the years, many investors offered to purchase Triad, but in 2015, the three co-owners decided to form an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) instead of selling outright. With dedication and precision, the Triad staff built the company’s reputation for quality. By investing in the employees, senior leadership acknowledged this commitment.

Triad employees in the manufacturing shop

Triad’s customers benefit from this employee-owner model, knowing that everyone, from their customer service representative to the installer in the field, owns the process. Unlike an equity-backed company, an ESOP-based enterprise like Triad prioritizes employees and customers over the bottom line.

The value of their ESOP shares provides them with a means of financial security for retirement and a current stable work environment. They feel secure in knowing they are stakeholders in the company’s success and they will share in that success.

“I think working for an ESOP gives the employees a common goal and enables the employees to work more as a team.  Perhaps a better word is family.  I feel like Triad is a family.”

Lynn Hinners, Accounts Payable Manager

Triad employees discussing a project

At Triad, the employees take responsibility for quality products and satisfied customers. They are proud to—they’re the owners.

“No one at Triad is “just a” - just a laborer, just an engineer, just a customer service specialist... The best part about working at Triad is the understanding that the best resource that we have is the people.”

Jeff Fleeman, Engineering Manager

Triad employees reviewing a document

Today, Triad has 345 employees in the ESOP program. These employee-owners still motivate, collaborate, and contribute to that corporate quality.

Count on us to make it happen!

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